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For some motorists, it is unthinkable to take the road without being able to listen to music. This allows you to pass the time on long journeys, but also to be more patient during possible traffic jams. To go to work or to go on vacation, there is always an ideal playlist! But for listening to music in the car to be truly a pleasure, you still need to have the right equipment.

The car radio: the basis for listening to music

Today, all cars are equipped with a car radio. This is basic equipment, not an option to be purchased in addition to your vehicle. However, depending on the range of the car you buy, this car radio may be of more or less good quality. Ditto, on old used cars, do not expect to benefit from state-of-the-art equipment!

But in any case, you will always have the possibility of having a new mp3 car radio installed in your car. This is a fairly simple operation, which you can perfectly carry out yourself. However, if you are really not a handyman, do not hesitate to ask a specialist to take care of it for you. It is sometimes possible to be offered the installation when buying a car radio.

Before buying your new car radio, remember to list your different criteria. Be particularly vigilant with regard to the size: there is no need to invest in a car radio with GPS option if your vehicle currently has a simple CD car radio. Also check the connectivity (with the antenna, but also with the steering wheel controls if you have them), the power supply and the audio power of your car.

Speakers: for better audio rendering

Whichever type of car stereo you choose to install in your car, the quality won’t really be there if you don’t have the proper audio equipment. Of course, a high-end car stereo will always sound nicer than a low-end car stereo. However, it is the different speakers in your vehicle that will really make all the difference!

In general, cars are equipped with speakers that require you to turn up the volume to really enjoy your music. But at this sound level, the music can quickly become shrill and scratch your ears. Not to mention that prolonged listening at high volume can put your hearing at risk. It is therefore essential to equip yourself as well as possible to be able to enjoy your music without damaging your ears.

Depending on your budget and the space available in your car, you can choose several types of speakers:

Coaxial loudspeakers: all the elements are brought together in a single piece, to save space and facilitate assembly;

Kits with exploded or separated tracks: as their name suggests, the kits are composed of several separate elements that will have to be installed one by one.

You can also just add a subwoofer in the back of the car, or a car subwoofer to get better bass and bass response.

Extra tip: steering wheel controls

While listening to music in the car is a pleasure, it doesn’t have to make your driving dangerous! Accidents related to inattention are unfortunately more and more frequent. However, it is very easy to take your eyes off the road while changing music or adjusting the sound of your car radio.

To limit the risks, it is best to use the steering wheel controls to adjust your car radio. A feature found on almost all new cars, but not necessarily on used cars. However, it is possible to have a steering wheel control interface installed on your vehicle. Ask a specialist for advice on whether you will need to change the steering wheel or whether the installation can be done directly.

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