For decades, the science-oriented baccalaureate has maintained its supremacy over all other specializations, even since the reform of the baccalaureate.

From the baccalaureate to literary specialties through the professional sectors, or the economic options, each has its own advantages, of course. But parents and students today still put scientific options on a pedestal.

Even if everyone does not opt ​​for maths, it must be said that they practically do not close any post-baccalaureate path. The outlets are wide, very wide.

It therefore seems logical to see a parallel wave: that of home maths lessons , one of the best sellers of private lessons or tutoring at home.

But how do you find a good math teacher

As parents, you ask yourself today: ”  How to choose a math teacher?”  », for your child or teenager. You know the importance of math and science courses in a school curriculum and above all, their impact on a future professional career.

From primary school all the way to university, it is therefore very useful to find a mathematics teacher at home . And this, to acquire different notions…

Mathematics in primary school

What are the objectives of the math curriculum in primary school?

During his transfer of power from his predecessor Jean-Michel Blanquer, Pap Ndiaye, the new Minister of Education, said:

My first thoughts go to the teaching world, which has been mine for a long time.

Through these remarks, it seems obvious that the base of a promising future remains and will remain the school, in which mathematics participates greatly.

The teaching of maths from CP to CM2 contributes to the awakening of the child and above all, to the development of his scientific abilities. They learn numbers, decimals, operations, fractions, geometry and problem solving.

So many essential aspects of mathematics and the school curriculum that the child cannot afford to ignore.

To avoid taking risks, it is therefore extremely useful to turn to private lessons or tutoring.The private mathematics teacher can then help your child with their homework, for faster assimilation.

A college math teacher

Entering college sees the level of mathematics increase significantly. The math course , first of all, are more numerous . But above all, the notions learned from the 6th to the 3rd are more and more complicated.

The objective of the mathematics program is multiple:

Build a first global and coherent representation of the world,

Understand the societal challenges of science and technology,

Acquire the basic elements of mathematical thinking,

Maintain close links with other subjects: technological and scientific (physics, chemistry, physical sciences, Life and Earth Sciences),

So many vital notions for the teenager who, little by little, learns to decipher the codes of his social environment. Hence the importance, you will have understood, of having recourse to a mathematics teacher at home .

Whether through homework help, revisions (theorem, equation, verification of knowledge, geometry, algebra, etc.), preparation for exams (patent), refresher training, etc. The areas in which a private teacher can be of service to your child are numerous.

Preparing for the mathematics specialty baccalaureate

In high school, as you know, comes orientation time. Since 2018, the S bac no longer exists. From now on, you have to rely on the “specialty” baccalaureate , which consists of a common core, and options to choose from . And among the latter, mathematics is quite popular with students.

As of the Second, the pupils face a serious increase in the level in all the subjects. The goal: to prepare for the BAC, in Terminale and Première, and therefore to organize the orientation of each one.

Many students, and their parents too, wish to join the most prestigious courses. Sectors where math lessons are of great importance .

To put the odds on your side, finding a math teacher at home is particularly recommended . For home tutoring or private lessons.

This has always been done and it is not with the internet that it will stop: the teachers never hesitate to leave their announcement and their contact details at the entrance of the shops. For you, it is also the assurance of finding a math teacher near you .

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