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Although many smokers who try e-cigarettes are tempted by tobacco flavored e-liquids, we recommend trying something different and exploring the flavors available. For example, you might end up finding a great tasting indulgent e-liquid, and that can help you stay true to vaping and quit smoking!

If you’re already a vaper and looking for a new flavor to try, knowing about the different types of fruit e-liquids may make you want to try something new. We have selected below some flavors recommended by eliquide-diy.fr customers.

There are several types of e-liquid flavors, which can be classified into approximately six categories. These are the following flavors: fruity e-liquid, tobacco e-liquid, dessert e-liquid, drink e-liquid, candy e-liquid, menthol e-liquid.

We’re sure once you find the flavor category that works best for you, you’ll find a new one you’ll love. Let’s get straight to the point!

Fruit flavored e-liquids are probably the most popular type of e-liquid. You can get every type of fruit flavor imaginable, in single or mixed varieties, and from thousands of different brands. So if you don’t like strawberry e-liquid from one brand, you might like it from another. Likewise, you may not like to eat apples, but try an apple e-liquid and you may be surprised. The possibilities are limitless !

Fruit flavored e-liquids are usually quite sweet and have a strong, savory flavor that will release a fresh, fruity smell. In our experience, the fruit flavors that end up in the best e-liquids are grape, strawberry, blueberry, and apple, but other fruit flavors can also be very tasty.

One of the most popular fruit flavored e-liquids right now is STRAWBERRY 4You E-liquid for $1.99! It’s a strawberry extract and its formula is free of harmful products and guaranteed diacetyl, alcohol, ambrox and paraben free. diy.fr, try it!

It’s probably the number 1 flavor for those who have quit smoking, and there are actually a wide variety of brands that produce many different types of tobacco flavored e-liquids.

Although we recommend that you find another type of flavored e-liquid that suits you better, we understand that some will want to stick with the tobacco flavors they are used to, which is completely fine and acceptable.

There are sweet tobaccos, cigar tobaccos, spiced tobaccos, and menthol tobaccos, in addition to your regular tobacco blends. The advantage of tobacco flavored e-liquids is that the vapor they produce won’t leave a lingering odor on your clothes and furniture like traditional cigarettes would. Tobacco flavored e-liquids also produce a much cleaner smell and taste because you’re not burning the tobacco or the thousands of other harmful chemicals found in an analog cigarette.

E liquid 6garettes USA-Mix tobacco flavor is a big hit with our customers looking for a good tobacco flavored e-liquid, and is a smooth and tasty tobacco. This is definitely one of the best cheap tobacco e-liquids you can get right now.

What are the flavors of E liquid for electronic cigarettes?

If you always say yes to the waitress when she asks you if you want to see the dessert menu, you’ll love gourmet e-liquids / desserts. You’ll be amazed at how the flavors of apple pie or chocolate cake flavored e-liquids excite your taste buds, and taste just like real e-liquids.

What vapers say about gourmet e-liquids is that they can vape them all day long without having bad remorse for the calories and pounds they would have gained by eating desserts instead 😊.

The dessert flavors you can get are quite vast, and if you can think of a dessert, it probably comes in an e-liquid flavor. Among the most popular gourmet e-liquids are lemon pie, popcorn, strawberry cream pie, cakes and sorbets.

If you are looking for a good flavored e-liquid for dessert, the STRAWBERRY MILK E-liquid from Glam vape is a very popular e-liquid at only €2.29. The Glam vape collection is characterized by fruity, gourmet and classic flavors from recipes cleverly invented according to the rules of the art.

If you’re looking for something a little spicier, you can try Dinner Lady’s Lemon Pie E-Liquid . This dessert consists of a lemon paste, covered with a meringue in a thin pastry crust. The opinions on this e-liquid are abundantly positive, and you will not be disappointed.

What are the flavors of E liquid for electronic cigarettes?

If you like the taste of certain sugary drinks, but don’t want to consume drinks with too many calories, fruit cocktail e-liquids are a godsend.

The most popular flavored e-liquids on our online e-liquid store are the E-Liquid Strawberry Cream Kiwi premium 770 , the E-Liquid Strawberry Banana – 770 or the E-liquid BLUE VAPE 4You at 1.99€ .

The sensation of freshness of fruit cocktails will delight your taste buds and leave you with a pleasant taste in your mouth. It’s a refreshing, wispy flavor that makes you want to kick back on a lounge chair and barbecue.

Fruit flavored e-liquids can be very tasty and refreshing depending on the brand you vape, and there are so many different ones to try that you’ll never run out of options.

I hope you have a soft spot for these flavors. Think of your favorite sour candies, banana candies, strawberry candies, even fruit-chocolate cakes. Yes, there is a fruit e-liquid flavor that is slightly similar in name and tastes the same. You can find every candy and chocolate bar flavor you can think of, and there are even some cool new combinations you’ll come across.

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